Ichthus is committed to developing next generation leaders.  There are multiple tracks available for those ready to train in ministry through our church alliance, REACH.  The following are descriptions of available development tracks.

MAP Seminary

MAP stands for Ministry Apprenticeship Program.  As the title suggests, MAP is an apprenticeship approach to seminary education.  MAP incorporates the classroom, mentorship, and  micro-church involvement in its education strategy.  For more information click the following link: http://mapseminary.com.

Training Camp

Training Camp is a summer development program aimed at college students and high school graduates.  Its purpose is to train students to lead, plant, and multiply micro-churches on their college campuses.  Training Camp is held during the month of July every summer. For more information click the following link: http://reachtrainingcamp.com.

REACH Summer Internship

REACH Summer Internship, or RSI, is a two month long internship for students who have completed Training Camp and are ready for advanced leadership training in the context of micro-church. RSI is held June through July every summer. Along with advanced training in leading micro-churches, students typically help out in the leadership of Training Camp and their specific house churches throughout the summer. For more information click the following link: http://reachtrainingcamp.com/rsi/

Ag School Workshops

Ag School is training for prospective church planters.  The training involves both practical skills  and theological foundations of micro-church planting.  Ag School comes in the form of five workshops.  For more information click the following link: http://reachagschool.wordpress.com.

All Quiet in the Western Church

All Quiet in the Western Church is a one day seminar exposing the current entropy in the American Church.  It provides an in depth look into our current struggles in American Christianity, the explosion in the global church, and strategies for our advancement.  For more information email Laurel McElvain at laurelmcelvain@gmail.com.


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